Who We Are...

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Vera Visions is (currently) a small partnership of individuals. Creating computer games is a collaborative process. Because of this, working with Vera Visions involves everyone giving their input on an ongoing project. While there is a “Leader” on every game, the creative roles are usually shared with everyone involved in the making of it.

We’ve worked with a number of artists outside of Vera Visions to achieve really awesome stuff.
They’re mentioned in their respective game credits.

We All Share The Same Passion

We all love creating exciting video-game stuff! Our standards are pretty high when it comes to the initial release of each of our projects. You can guarantee that on top of what we’re delivering Day 1, more stuff is going to be released as well. This is because we love doing what we’re doing.

Every single one of our games is playable the day it comes out. No Early-Access waiting periods, no treating the players like beta-testers.

However, we’re very much flexible with our vision of games. If players want us to do something different really bad, we usually collaborate and make it happen. We respect players and their voices.

Being Open

We try to be very open about the development process and love sharing with the community what’s going on at any given moment. Releasing games is hard and we’re gaining experience every day that’ll only make us stronger.

You can get in touch with us pretty easily, although most of the time we’re busy creating things…

Computers Need Love, Too

Slackware Logo This and our other servers couldn’t be possible without the help of our dear, 10 year old Gateway server! It’s running Slackware 14.2 with Apache and as stable as a server could possibly be.

This website was created with the help of an amazing framework called Hugo. It’s written in Go and made our lives much easier. The theme we based our work on is called hugo-classic.