The Wastes - Released

Megan Baslock


Tags: TW Release

It’s been 3 years since we started this journey. It feels quite a bit longer than that thinking about it.

It was just 2 people, Marco and I who thought that The Wastes needed to come back. The original team loved the idea and gave us their full blessing.

Other than that, it was just us two. Hacking away and trying to make something fun and crazy. We’re very happy to present the release of The Wastes.

A lot of experience has been gained along the way and I’d like to spend some time talking about it. Making a game is extremely difficult. We knew that as modders, but never truly faced the same sort of pressure until now. The industry, in a lot of ways, is in a tough state for a lot of players.

Without going into much detail, we all know that there are a lot of developers pushing technologies and business models that aren’t very appealing to many players. Most just want to buy a game and not worry about the state it’s in. We didn’t go into Early Access a year ago, because we wanted to send a message to people. That game-development can be handled differently. While this puts enourmous pressure on us, the developers, we believed it was worth it. We hope you, the players, appreciate this philosophy and hopefully spread the word.

Now, since it’s finally here, let me outline our future plans for the game!

Technically speaking, this is The Wastes 1.0. This release marks the introduction. It is the base-game that we wanted to deliver at launch. Surely, there are loads of other things we wanted to put in, but couldn’t bundle it into the release right away. We’ve got a bunch of weapons, game-modes and levels in the pipeline. All of those will be included in future updates. For free.

Generally, we’ll be focusing on YOUR feedback. We’re very much open to tweaking things and putting our resources into places you’d love to see us work on the most. This is just the beginning!